Discover Your “Triggers” with Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu

When addressing addiction at Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu, one of the first steps to recovery is discovering what “triggers” you.

What’s a trigger?

The effect of a trigger is drug abuse; the trigger is the cause. So when seeking what triggers you, you must ask yourself, “Why am I using?” or “Why am I relapsing?”

Addicts use drugs for many reasons. Some are deeply personal and complex, while others are more superficial and straightforward. Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu will help you pinpoint both the complex and the simple by identifying potential addiction triggers.

The following are some that might come into play in your own life.

Personal Conflict

You may not like yourself. You may feel like a failure. You may have deep emotional scars from some trauma in your life. You may feel ashamed of your drug usage, which leads to further usage and relapse. These are all types of personal conflicts within yourself that every addict must address. Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu will help you address them.

Conflict with Others

Marital conflict, familial conflict, or conflicts with co-workers or friends may tempt you to use. Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu will teach you how to deal with these conflicts in a healthy way instead of escaping from them with drugs.

Physical Withdrawal

One of the reasons you may relapse is due to physical withdrawal symptoms, including physical pain, illness, and craving. These are tough issues to deal with, and Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu will help you positively address them.

Negative Emotions

Trauma, stress, sadness, anger, loneliness, self-pity, shame – these negative emotions can eat away at you if you don’t know how to deal with them. Don’t deal with them by relapsing. Find different outlets to combat negative thoughts and feelings.

Positive Emotions

Don’t assume that only negative emotions will lead you to relapse; positive emotions can too. If you’re feeling elated over some success, you may want to keep that feeling of happiness going by turning to drugs. Keep perspective and don’t let the lure of artificial happiness draw you back in.

Testing Your Control

Once you’ve left Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu, you may think that you’re invincible. You’ve come out of treatment with a healthier, more positive mindset, and you’re ready to get your life in order. But don’t test your self-control by hanging around with the same old fellow addicts or going to the same old haunts. You are not bullet-proof and having “just one hit” will lead to relapse.

Peer Pressure

As most advice from Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu suggests, you should steer clear of those who will pressure or tempt you into using. That means you may have to cut some people out of your life. This can be hard, but your health is more important than a destructive relationship.

Strong Cravings

Cravings or urges are one of the major physical, psychological and emotional triggers to relapsing. They can be powerful, and sometimes it’s difficult to strong-arm them. But remind yourself that you are stronger than this urge and that it, too, will pass. Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu will provide you with more methods to dealing with cravings and urges.

If you do relapse, the most important thing is to remind yourself that this doesn’t mean you’ve failed or your treatment has. Don’t jump off the deep-end after a relapse or it will be more difficult to return to your path to recovery. Call your therapist, your sponsor, your mentor, your support network, or your friends at Luxury Treatment Centers in Malibu. They will listen and guide you back to the light, reaffirming your commitment to recovery.

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