How to find the best opiate addiction treatment

Addiction means the insurmountable desire for drugs , a strong desire for acquiring and taking drugs at any cost, the inclination to increasing doses of the drug as the addiction lasts longer. Besides being the danger for addicts, addiction is also a risk for family and the whole community. Addiction can be psychological, physical, or combined.


The spread of drug abuse can be interpreted in several ways. The consequence of the expansion and strengthening of international crime and an increase in supply and production, and it also has an impact on the quality of life and increasing demands that modern society puts before man.


Opiate addiction treatment


The first step in treatment is detoxification with medications or without them if it is about someone who is not an addict. Only a small number of persons are capable of providing a special hospital treatment, but most addicts are going through outpatient treatment. But the treatment does not stop with the withdrawal, the process takes at least two years. However, there is a possibility that an addict after some time comes back to drugs. The biggest problem is the lack of inpatient and outpatient resources.


Methadone is a synthetic drug that is used to reduce pain, especially for the substitution treatment of heroin addicts.

Methadone is a synthetic narcotic analgesic from the diphenyl propylamine group. According to its composition, the hydrochloride and morphine act on receptors in the brain where 1 mg of methadone replaces and achieves the effect of 4 mg of morphine. It is produced in the form of tablets or as a green or pale yellow liquid.


Methadone does not cure drug addiction, but by the so-called methadone substitution therapy eliminates signs of abstinence crisis. Methadone substitution therapy is, in fact, an institutional drug use in order to protect society from criminal conduct. An addict, under the supervision of medical staff, receives the daily dose of methadone that maintains the normal state and metabolic balance. Methadone “takes one off” heroin because the withdrawal symptoms of withdrawal methadone is far less pronounced and of much lower intensity than for heroin. As the effect of methadone is longer than the effects of heroin, methadone allows a person who until recently used illegal opiates, to use instead the time for the procurement the time to recover from the effects of opiates, and to have some quality time. In this regard, methadone assists in the process of re-socialization.


Clinics can use methadone in the treatment only with the ongoing supervision of use, and such treatment can be successful only if it is combined with psychosocial therapy.


The criticism that often occurs at the expense of methadone treatment is that only one drug replacing another.


The very methadone is addictive, but the symptoms are much milder effects of the termination of heroin. Long-term methadone treatment can cause dependence of morphine type. In order to avoid long-term treatment after the withdrawal symptoms, dosage should be reduced gradually.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of these treatments if not used properly. But this is rare, and if one gets into the “right  hands“ the success is guaranteed.


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