When looking for a right solution to overcome a substances abuse, many individuals need definite type structured program to succeed. Some people have a need for dual diagnosis treatment, others need a flexible approach to rehabilitation while others need a completely individual treatment model.


There are many Non 12 step rehab programs which include:


  • Modern scientific research

Unfortunately, some models of rehabilitation elect its structure just because it worked in the past. Non 12 step rehabilitation centers mainly base their program on the latest scientific researches which are available. These centers are very aware of the information about dual diagnosis treatment, the manner in which substances act within the brain, and modern psychological research related to substance abuse. Knowledge of recent information can make these centers the best option for many individuals. Addicts who have tried to follow the programs of outdated methods and research or even non-scientific method can find that this program of modern scientific research as a welcome change.


  • Individually designed programs

Peculiar to the individuals who relapse is to be informed that the only thing they need to do is to work a bit harder on their program. Their families, friends or members of 12 step groups want the best for them, but nevertheless, they all make the treatment process more difficult. Individuals who have a dual diagnosis, lack of support, or are in a circumstance that complicates their recovery can work on individually designed programs. These programs begin with a complete psychological workup formed to work with the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. This may facilitate the achievement of sobriety. Instead of relying on willpower, the program helps addicts to rely on the support team, medical intervention, and skills that they learned during treatment.


  • Psychiatric program as necessary

Many individuals who suffer mental illnesses are beginning to use drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate their  mental state. Those who have problems such as depression, anxiety etc. and substance abuse find 12 step program useful. Dual diagnosis programs can help people to understand their psychiatric problems that they are passing through, and help them at the same time to find a treatment that would suit them best. The professional team can work with the person to help him/her decide which of its symptoms is caused by mental illness and which by addiction, and then heal each symptom at a time.


  • Evidence-based treatment

Evidence-based treatment is one of the cornerstones of non 12 step rehab program. Professionals will talk with patients to find out what worked and what did not in the past. These professionals will take a complete history of the case before starting the treatment, then they will use the personal history and evidence collected to start to design a specific treatment. This program helps to eliminate unnecessary repetition and can help the patient to finally feel like he/her is for the first time on the right way to sobriety.



If you want to reach sobriety but have not experienced the success that you are looking for, maybe it’s time to try a different approach. Think of Non 12 step rehab program as an alternative to the methods that you have already tried. It might be a pleasant surprise the success that you can achieve.

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