Passages Malibu Inpatient center

Chris Prentiss was all about luxury addiction treatment when he came up with the Passages Malibu Inpatient center in 2001. Appropriately seated on the Malibu hills is the twenty three million dollar, five-estate mansion that extends over ten acres of Malibu coastline.

Anyone who has been up the Malibu hills into the inpatient center agrees that Passages Malibu is the synonym of extravagance. It was first built with the simple “high quality rehab center”, and then later Chris Prentiss poured a couple of extra millions on it. However, all that is aimed at helping the recovering addicts with their ongoing treatment. The extravagancy put into Passages Malibu is aimed at healing the body giving the recovering addicts inner peace using the beauty. If that does not work as planned, the beauty will have at least had a positive effect on the patients.

What Takes Place inside the Passages Malibu Inpatient Center?

Upon admittance into the Passages Malibu inpatient center, one is given his/her own personal assistant, and a ten-person team complete with doctors and therapists to help them with the recovery process. The team consists of; a primary therapist, a family therapist, hypnotherapists, masseuses, nutritionists, spiritualists, physical trainers, a “life purpose” coach, acupuncturists and a medical doctor who makes regular visits.

The inpatient center works around the clock to ensure that its patients have all that they need, whenever they need it. In addition, the mansion is kept spotless by the many housekeepers who sweep, dust and clean for eight hours every day. Everything in the treatment center is customized to meet the patient’s needs. I am not talking only about the customized therapy sessions; I am talking about everything including the food, which is cooked by a highly lauded chef according to each person’s specifications. Breakfast is served at 8 in the morning.

For the 30 days that one is expected to be there, he or she is expected to show up for group discussions. Passages are very permissive to their clients and despite talks and controversies, their methods always seem to work. For instance, a patient at Passages is allowed unlimited access to their mobile phones and computers, and also enjoys large amounts of unsupervised freedom. Patients at the inpatient center in Malibu also enjoy a wide range of activities including swimming, yoga, hiking, and a gym complete with trainers.

Why Many People Prefer the Passages Malibu Inpatient Center

One thing that makes the inpatient treatment center preferred by many famous people and public figures is the amount of privacy that it offers. While most public figures out there are always chasing media attention, the drug addiction recovery process is a private matter and needs no distractions, especially if you are using the Prentiss’s treatment program.

The endless integration of the many services in order to help the recovering addicts in their journey to sobriety together with the high quality treatment of the patients gained the Passages Malibu treatment center the titles “Number one Rehab center in the world” dubbed by Healthcare Global magazine, and “One of the Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out” by Forbes magazine.

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