Rehab Reviews: Why Choose Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center?

You have all the information concerning the entire luxurious addiction treatment center. There is something that cannot stop bugging you though: What is it that you have to look at to pick one over the other? Of course, price cannot be your driving factor because you have more than enough money. What is it that will make one treatment center seem more preferable to the others, and there are no “free test samples”?

Below, I have compiled a couple of reasons why you should pick being treated at Passages Malibu Treatment Center. The reasons, divided into two (titles given and services offered), show the effectiveness of the center in treating addictions, while keeping you comfortable.

  1. Titles given

In this first category of reasons to why you should pick Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center over the other luxurious Addiction Treatment Centers focuses on how other industry brand names view Passages Malibu.

Of course, you have heard that passages made it to Forbes magazine’s “Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out” List. You hadn’t? Well, then you must have heard or read somewhere that Healthcare Global rated it “The Number 1 Rehab in The World”.

One thing is to consider seriously when choosing a rehab to go to be JCAHO accreditation. JCAHO stands for Joint Commission: Accreditation, Health Care, and Certification. JCAHO accredited rehab centers have passed a series of inspections and offer only the best services. The quality of services offered at Passages Malibu gained them a JCAHO accreditation, and only 6% of rehab centers are JCAHO accredited.

  1. Services offered

This is the second category to the reasons as to why you should pick Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center. The quantity of quality services can work as a deterrent to clients or work to entice them. At Passages Malibu, there is a number of quality services discussed below.

Of course to tackle addiction, one needs enough individualized therapies and counseling. Passages offer exactly that. With 60-70 hours per month of one-on-one treatment per client, one is bound to get well.

No matter how stubborn your alcohol and drug abuse might have turned you, our nurses are always available around the clock and very willing to cater to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

You can read more Passages Malibu reviews on their Yelp and Trust Pilot page.

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