Sober Living Homes

We live in a fast and furious world. But our bodies are not projected to stand all difficulties of the everyday rush. The only “solution” for us to become the part of this sound and fury is to run away from the reality. This is the story of where we cross the boundaries and how we get back to our lives.


If you or someone who’s dear to you tries to deal with addiction, whether it’s alcoholism or drug use, one of the possible options on the path to healing could be Sober living homes. People who live in sober homes must follow certain rules and carry out daily tasks. More importantly, the household must remain sober during their stay in the house. Living in this kind of environment can support sobriety and help alcoholics and addicts to get used to living without addiction. Many sober houses help addicts through rehabilitation period until the final goal, which is not consuming drugs and alcohol.


Most of these homes are privately owned, although they may be owned by companies or charities. The homes are mostly located in quiet areas, which allow a peaceful environment in order to better assist residents in recovery.


These homes are different from rehabilitation centers that mainly offer experience with intensive recovery and give residents less freedom. People who live in sober homes can come and go as they wish as long as certain rules are kept. For example, these rules may constitute a request that the resident is back to a specific time or to go to work during the day. Residents also undertake tests for drugs in order to prove that they are sober. The rules vary from place to place, but there are some that are common to every sober environment. Residents agree with all of this when they move in, and any violation of rules has its consequences. Depending on the violation they must pay a fine, write essays on what they have done or in the worst case scenario are asked to leave the house. But above all, the most important rule is to stay sober.


One of the serious steps towards healing is that the residents are responsible for themselves. This is very important because addiction causes people to act irresponsibly, and the families and friends of addicts often support them and allow them to proceed with this because they are afraid for their loved ones. People who are undergoing rehabilitation in these places have to pay the rent, buy their food and do all those things that they would do in an ordinary home.


Sober living homes are not for everyone, but they offer high expectations and support. Residents may also be support for each other and can become good friends. People who have achieved sobriety and want to remain so should consider the benefits of this kind of environment .

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